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Future Regrets

You will regret the things you did not do more than those you did do!

This is a training I did on getting a NEW month Started right with your new Brand Partners. The title says NOVEMBER,, but it applies to ANY NEW Month. Your new starts are wanting some direction and using this training you can INCREASE your check and your NEW STARTS. Do it NOW!  Go here for actual recording:  http://ow.ly/tcQ5v

Crucial Actions to Take Now following the awesome 

November   (http://ow.ly/tcQ5v) (click the link for actual recording)

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December 1, 2013



Our Nerium Family hit the ball out of the park for a Grand SLam in November…NOW is the time to take action to make December a month to Remember! (UPDATE: December was the biggest month till then, January 2014 was even bigger!) Those new people will EXPLODE your business if you take the PROPER action NOW, NOT TOMORROW! Our personal business has given us such a great reward BECAUSE we took the PROPER action with each of our personal enrollees!

WHAT is that Proper action? To help each and everyone of your NEW STARTS to Fast Start Qualify! Start the process now! December will set up a huge income for you when you take action now!

You must take the time now to go through the two pages of the Launch Your Business worksheet and connect each of them to our communications platform with the third sheet which is the Connect Sheet. Go to your backoffice and download several copies of each document then Meet with your NEW START to complete the 5 steps on the Launch Sheet and connect them with the connect sheet numbers. YOU do it!

To learn how to do it properly you can go to my youtube.com channel and watch how to do it….  1) watch this video first …..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3iSZ4wQs5Y&feature=c4-overview&list=UU-6VJtopQxqSxEgLOzGLJBw which is How to get someone started right. and

then watch this one……https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmXX3JJD5ew&feature=c4-overview&list=UU-6VJtopQxqSxEgLOzGLJBw which is how to get someone who is not doing anything reactivated.

These videos are a combined 13 minutes and 35 seconds…They are GOLD in your pocket!

The more you do the processes described in those two videos the more you will grow, the bigger your checks will get! The more you teach your people to engage these processes the more you will be the hero!

Wishing you success and happiness!

Coach Ron


The Gift of Youth with NeriumAD


(You will make them happy every time they think of you!)

Let me talk real with you for a moment….Do you want to give a gift that keeps on giving, or one that is forgotten within a couple of days?…Do you want to give a gift that invokes a feeling of caring everyday or one that is “ho-hum” after just a couple of days? Do you want to give a gift that brightens up the receiver everyday so much so they think of you everyday or one that is forgotten in a couple of days?….

YOU have that option! Give a gift that keeps on giving!

Give the Nerium Holiday Gift Set….the person you give it to will think of you in warm loving thoughts everyday! Imagine what that would feel like!

It is so easy to do! go to: http://on.fb.me/1dv8N20

The first before and after represents just 5 months using Nerum AD, and the second one is only 21 days for the shrinking the appearance of pores!

Imagine what it will do for you!


NeriumAD Amazing results

Amazing results in 21 days!

5 months before/after NeriumAD

Amazing in just 5 months




Really important action to take NOW! Go here, listen to my short audio and get started! http://coachronforrester.me/2013/12/01/audio-post-11/
THIS IS AN AUDIO FILE, CLICK THE ARROW BELOW TO START THE RECORDING! Our Nerium Family hit the ball out of the park for a Grand SLam in November…NOW is the time to take action to make December a …


Long Beach Business Opportunity Hangout

Long Beach Business Opportunity Hangout for Antiaging, getting younger in appearance and making money.

home based business

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network marketing

Image via Phil Ashley on Getty Images

The economy continues to improve at a snail’s pace and everyone is looking for a way to make a little extra money. One way many hard-working folks are finding to be an exceptionally profitable venture is by opening a home based network marketing business.

You can generate a solid income through a network marketing business if you do your homework and understand that this is not a get-rich quick idea. It’s no different than any other business — you will need time and effort to flourish. If you are ready for some hard work and research, you will join people all over the world who currently enjoy incredible success with network marketing.

Follow these tips to better your chances of making money in network marketing:

  • This is a true business. You won’t find success with only a 5 to 10 hour commitment per week; if you don’t make the time, you can’t blame the system when you don’t make a lot of money.
  • Choose a product you are passionate about and know to be a quality product. You can’t sell something you don’t believe in, and it won’t make you feel good to try selling a product you don’t know really works.
  • Understand the commission and bonus structure. Compare plans and watch out for companies asking for high upfront investments. Your initial investment should bring you the product as well, not just sales advice.
  • Research the “upline” person who is recruiting you. Are they successful? How much do they know about the business? Subtly interview that person before you sign up.
  • How will the company support you? Do they offer the tools that will empower your success such as easy-to-build web sites or marketing material?  The company should be invested in your success because if it’s a trustworthy company, your financial success is also their financial success.
  • Get a clear picture of the financial commitment. The initial investment may be low, but you might have an obligation to buy products on a monthly basis ongoing.

Countless entrepreneurs have made strong six-figure incomes at network marketing with determination and hard work. My network marketing mailing list will deliver more tips for a successful network marketing business right to your inbox. Sign up today!

Being a Network Marketer Means Building a Business

network marketing

Image via Chaos on Getty Images

I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times: network marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. Can you get rich from network marketing? Yes!  I did it, and you can too.  But first you must ask yourself if you are ready to start a business.

If you think you’ll be able to just sit back and rake in the money as a network marketer, stay in your 9-5 job, because you’ll need to really work to make money in this business! But you’ll pick your own hours, pick your own co-workers, and work out of your home office.

To achieve success when you build your own business you need to do six things:

  1. Create a clear set of goals
  2. Share your vision and goals with others
  3. Follow through! A goal is worthless until you execute it.
  4. Become an inspiring leader and role model to your associates.
  5. Keep up with training and support for your associates.
  6. Share the rewards with the people who have helped you get there.

There’s some debate about the words “marketer” vs. “marketeer.” The words mean the same thing, but I like “marketeer” too because it sounds more like “musketeer,” someone who is a valiant soldier. It takes bravery to step out of the box and build your own business. That’s why network marketing is an adventure: its risks are there, but low; its rewards can be financial freedom beyond your wildest dreams! But make no mistake, this is business-building to the max: your success depends on you and your ability to grow your company using social media, client cultivation, major marketing, and the most important skill you have: positive energy and a belief in yourself.

For more information about starting your own network marketing business and earning your way to financial bliss, be sure to sign up for my mailing list!

What Network Marketing Expenses Are Tax-Deductible?

network marketing business tips

Image via Jeffrey Hamilton on Getty Images

If you’re not tracking and keeping records for all of your expenses, your network marketing business is losing money. Remember, you are a small business owner just like the folks running the coffee shop on the corner. Keep track of everything that goes into your business and deduct those expenses at tax time.  You have to keep track of the dollars you spend if you want to take advantage of every break available to you and  boost your network marketing success.

Keep a sharp eye on these areas where your expenses can be tax-deductible.


Expenses in this category may surprise some network marketing pros. In addition to the standard printing, newspaper, and magazine expenses, you can take on advertising costs at a trade show appearance, through social media or Internet ads or any other creative means you use to market your business to others.


If you are conducting business on a landline phone, cell phone or using a conference calling service, keep all those receipts and let Uncle Sam know about them. If this gets confusing, think about designating one phone for business and another for personal use to simplify things.

Office Supplies

Deduct the expenses for paper, pens, legal pads, paper clips, file folders and all those items you use around your desk every day.

Health Insurance

You can deduct premiums paid for health insurance as long as you are not covered through a spouse’s company plan. If your spouse and children are also covered the policy you pay yourself, you can deduct those costs too.

For more helpful tips to create a successful network marketing business and start earning money from the comfort of your own home, be sure to sign up for my mailing list!

network marketing

Image via Adam Gault on Getty Images

As a networking marketing professional, I have to adhere to a schedule to maximize my productivity and so should you. Without a schedule, growing your network marketing business can be an overwhelming task, and it can be easy to forget or ignore responsibilities like maintaining regular contact with clients and your sales network.

There is a variety of online tools that can help you to organize your activities, so you can keep track of everything from your kid’s soccer game to the next phone call with a client.  Google Apps is particularly helpful tool because it combines email, a calendar, and easily-accessed documents. Google Docs are particularly useful if you need to store a lot of information — an unfinished blog post, a to-do list, etc. And then there’s the Calendar, which is an incredibly handy way to keep track of all my meetings and deadlines. Google Apps is like a personal secretary, except that I don’t have to pay for it!

Doing market research on the Internet is a great way to help boost your sales, but sometimes it’s helpful to review them later. I know I can’t remember all of them, and if you don’t want to fill your internet favorites list with links, it can be helpful to use bookmarking and collecting tools such as Diigo and Evernote. They can help keep all your favorite things online in one nifty place and help you stay organized, that’s for sure.

Do you want to be part of a successful networking business and learn how to make a living on your own schedule? Then join our mailing list!

Using Social Media for Your Network Marketing Business


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A network marketing business provides companies with a unique niche service. As a result, it is necessary that the network marketing business reaches the right clientele in order to expand its customer base and general awareness of the brand itself.

One of the best ways to do this is via social media. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blogs help businesses reach out to a bigger audience base. If you want your network marketing business to expand successfully, then you need to use social media to your advantage.

You will need to create dynamic and creative posts that are informative about your brand without sounding to pushy. This may sound complicated, but it can be quite easy if you understand the mindset of your customer.

If you know what they are looking for, then build upon that. Do not be afraid to push material that makes a customer think. Visuals are always good too because they allow a person to understand a concept from a different perspective. Network marketing businesses have to reach the right clientele in order to grow. Social media is one of the best ways that a business of this kind can reach the right consumer.

For more tips for a successful network marketing business, I encourage you to to sign up for my mailing list.

How to Train Your Mind for Success in Network Marketing


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As a top network marketer, I have been asked numerous times on how to train your mind for success in network marketing.

Usually, this answer lies within yourself, as you must have the motivation and patience to achieve success. You must develop a thought process that trains your mind for success.

Here’s how to train your mind for success in network marketing:

Build a Positive Mindset

Before starting a work week, take a moment to analyze your current goals. I feel courage, confidence and self-esteem will overcome self-doubt and other internal fears you may have. Also, I believe success is inevitable, even if others are failing around you.

Identify Your Goals

This might be as simple as seeing a problem or opportunity to implement a solution. A network marketer must analyze each situation and develop a plan that satisfies everyone involved.

Develop a Game Plan

To be a successful network marketer, you must create a positive opening speech to prospective customers when discussing your strategic plans for them. A positive attitude will help train your mind for success in network marketing.

For more tips on building your network marketing business, be sure to sign up for my mailing list.

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