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A network marketing business is an incredible opportunity to build your own business from home, allowing you to make money on your own schedule.  As with any business, network marketing requires an investment, largely of time and research.

Research the Product Before Investing

Before investing in a particular network marketing opportunity, examine the product being sold and make certain that it is unique, substantiated, and marketable.  If you would not buy the product yourself, how can you sell it?

Research the Company Before Investing

In addition to researching the product, you’ll need to take a look at the company itself.  Check its credit and litigation history, and look into its listing in your local Better Business Bureau.

Don’t Set Unrealistic Expectations for Yourself or Your Business

Examine your own strengths and weaknesses as a businessperson.  Can you get organized, keep track of sales, and maintain relationships with people?   If you do not yet have the set of skills you need to become a successful salesperson, you will need to take the time to develop them; it’s unrealistic to expect that you can become the perfect network marketer overnight.   You should also avoid leaving a full time job until you are able to maintain steady income from your network marketing business.  You won’t be able to build your business overnight, after all.

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