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It is a proven fact that client relations can distinguish one company from another – that’s why every established organization has a department, dedicated solely to this task. A successful business relies on returning customers rather than on occasional one-timers. Large number of returning clients is not only a clear indication that your company is moving in the right direction; it also boosts the revenue, one of the important goals for every entrepreneur.  This is even more true for your network marketing business, where everything you do is dependent on strong relationships.

Though you don’t have a PR department as a network marketer, you have the opportunity to make real, personal relationships with clients.  You can develop something deeper than a buy-sell interaction, or even the friendly “how can I help you?” attitude toward your clients. Try to create a dialogue and listen to their thoughts, to remember their names and their needs.

Once you’ve created a relationship with a client, the hard work begins.  Maintaining client relationships takes time and energy, but it is one of the most important parts of your network marketing business.  Dedicate a bit of time each day to maintaining existing client relationships in addition to creating new ones.

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