Attitude is Everything is An irrefutable fact that is a prerequisite to success.

“Attitude is Everything!” a phrase that the late Paul J. Meyer built an empire around and is the deciding factor in success. The proper Attitude for achieving success begin with the right mental mindset. YOU (specifically YOU) cannot expect to attain the levels of wealth and achievement YOU desire unless YOU are in control of the messages your brain is sending out.

I am NOT speaking of your conscious mind, but of your unconscious mind, and to give you a point of reference do this. Imagine your conscious mind is the size of a ..oh…a green pea.. and imagine your unconscious mind is the size of …..The EARTH….Yeah, that’s right it is not your conscious mind that is in control, but your unconscious mind!

In order to attain success you have to reprogram your unconscious mind to drive for your success, because your unconscious mind does not know the difference between something you fear and something you want! Let me illustrate… Remember when you have said to yourself, “Oh, you Dummy, you knew that would not work (anything can be put here), are you stupid?!” Want to know what happened in your unconscious mind… It believed you! and set about making what you seemed to be saying come true…so the next time you faced just such a decision, guess what …yep…you did it again! Because your unconscious mind was driving the train and just Knew you wanted that same failing result!

Listen up! YOU have to reprogram your unconscious mind to strive toward the wealth and achievement you wish to reach! How? By SEEING in your subconscious or unconscious mind what it is you desire AS IF IT ALREADY EXISTS! You have to believe you already are experiencing the success, living the life and your subconscious mind Believes that is what you really want and it drives you toward that experience in Reality. And to make it happen even faster, schedule a time each day when you can immerse yourself in the experience in you mind’s eye, see it happening, feel how you are experiencing it, see the people around you engaged, and your mind will drive you toward that to make it real.

To your success!

Coach Ron