network marketing

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A career in network marketing can be quite tough, especially if you fail to make an impression on your clients. You can’t simply use a standard approach for all your clients because everyone is unique and responds differently to certain marketing tactics. Growing your network marketing business therefore requires tact and calculated approach to convert your sales leads into real money. Here are some tips to create a good impression in any networking opportunity.

Learn to learn your audience

Having been in this business for a while, I have learned to appreciate the differences in client personalities. You should also take the time to learn to let them talk while you listen.  Not only will this help you gauge their personality type in order to tailor your pitch, but also people simply enjoy talking about themselves and they will instinctively like you more for letting them have that opportunity.

Make calculated choices

Don’t just approach everyone you meet with a business card in your hand.  Refer to the previous point and have a real conversation with a prospective client in order to feel them out before even pulling a card out of your wallet.  If they seem like they would be a good fit for your product or your network marketing opportunity, that is the time to turn the discussion to business and hand over a card.

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