Don't Break the ChainStaying productive and on task can be a real challenge when you’re working from home.  Even when you do things to separate work life from home life, there are still plenty of distractions to be found.  It can be tough, too, when you’re only accountable to yourself and there is no boss leaning over your shoulder and tracking your productivity.  However, you really do need to be accountable to yourself, because your entire financial success depends on you and you alone.  Network marketing is only successful when you treat it like a business and put the necessary work into it.

One great productivity method that can help you stay on task actually comes from comedian Jerry Seinfeld.  Seinfeld became a successful comedian because of the daily and regular work he put into writing his comedy.  How did he stay on task?  He didn’t “break the chain.”

The only tools you need for this productivity method are a calendar and a marker.  Every day you put work into your network marketing business, you mark that day on the calendar with a big X.  The next day, you get up and put more work into the network marketing business and mark the day with another X.  The goal is to have a chain of X’s on your calendar with no breaks in between.

This method works in a similar way to the “gold star” technique that you probably experienced in elementary school.  Good work, like good grades and good behavior, gives you very real benefits, but sometimes you don’t get to see them until further down the line.  Like a gold star, the chain of X’s is a visual reminder of the good you’re doing and it motivates you to continue putting forth the effort.  The important thing is not to break the chain.

Do you have any productivity secrets?  Share them in the comments below; I’d love to hear them!


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