Techniques for Cold CallingCold calling, the process of calling leads without an appointment, can be absolutely terrifying when you first start.  For many people, talking on the phone is bad enough already without adding the element of making an unexpected call to an unsuspecting person.  However, cold calling is a great way to build your network marketing business, so this fear is an important fear to conquer.

At the heart of the fear of cold calling is a fear of rejection or hostility from the person at the other end of the phone.  However, as we discussed in a previous post, there’s no reason be be afraid of rejection because the more “no”s you receive, the more “yes”s you’re likely to get.

There are some techniques you can utilize to make cold calling easier on yourself and increase the chance of success.  First, investing the time in researching and narrowing the definition of your target market will help you weed out leads that aren’t likely to go anywhere.  Preparing for the call by writing a detailed outline of the points you want to make, including counterarguments to potential objections.  As you make the calls, you can adjust your outline as needed until you have exactly what you need to effectively make your pitch.

When you’re ready to make the call, you can do the lead a favor by sending them a letter or email introducing yourself and letting them know that a call is coming, then wait a couple of days before making the call.  They’ll be more likely to listen, and they may even respond to schedule the call with you.  Once you make the call, be nice, be professional, and relax.  Whatever happens on this call can’t hurt you, and rejection is just another step in the process to success.

For more tips on making cold calls, be sure to check out this article from Microsoft Business Hub.  Do you have any tips or stories from your own cold calling experience?  Feel free to share them in the comments!


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