Good Work From Home HabitsManaging your own network marketing business can be a very relaxing and rewarding experience, but making it a successful business requires a lot of self-discipline.  Working from home is incredible, but you need to build a lot of good habits to keep yourself productive and to keep your work from invading all of your free time.

The first step to a successful work-from-home setup is to give yourself a set schedule.  Start this schedule early in the day, and make yourself get up for it.  Then set an end time and stick to it.  Waking up at noon and working until 2 AM doesn’t give you any time to take care of personal needs, and it’s not terribly healthy.

Once you have a set schedule and get yourself into the habit of keeping it, you also need to make certain you are taking care of yourself both physically and mentally.  Plan time into your schedule for working out and casual socializing.  Socializing is especially important to a network marketing business; even casual contacts might produce great leads.

For more information on developing healthy work-from-home habits, be sure to read this article from Outspoken Media.  What habits help you stay productive at home?


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