personal habit tips

Image via Newton Daly on Getty Images

We all need some good down time every now and then, but unfortunately there are just too many distractions in today’s world that make it easy to lose sight of your network marketing goals. When you run your own network marketing business from home, it’s absolutely essential that you keep yourself productive throughout your day.  Avoiding time-wasting habits is essential to your success.

Avoid these everyday time-absorbing dangers:

  • Television: If you are in a home office, you need to be especially careful. Just having a TV on in the background can sap your focus.
  • Facebook: This double-edged sword provides both helpful and useless networking opportunities. Try creating separate accounts to avoid social distraction while creating network marketing connections.
  • Games: Set a limit of 30 minutes a day if you enjoy playing games. Games can be a huge time trap because you get a false sense of accomplishment that makes you want to continue playing for hours at a time.
  • Frivolous hobbies: Everyone needs a hobby, but it should always be a treat at the end of the day rather than an activity that takes up the bulk of your time.
  • Shopping: Savvy business minds can get obsessed with comparison shopping and product reviews. It’s great to find a deal, but you sometimes you should buy what you need and get back to work.

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