In today’s super connected business environment, you may question the need to appoint a distributor to sell your product. While the distributor may be an important cog in the wheel for certain companies and products, network marketing is a great way to sell directly to clients and retain a loyal customer base for your consumables.

Network marketing or multi level marketing is a great way to sell products. And if you want to start your own MLM business you can easily do so from home. Not only will you earn from your customers, you will also make money from the people you recruit to your team who also sell.

If you build up a solid team of other people who will do the basic work and they, in turn, recruit more people, you are well on your way to run a successful marketing business.

Thanks to multi-level marketing, you can actually recruit customers who will work as distributors, do your selling work and also use your products. While you can try out distributors in the initial stages, you may find that you don’t need them once your network marketing efforts are successful.

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