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Running a home based network marketing business is not like anything else.  You are the chief cook and bottle washer, and there no one else to turn to.  It is all in your lap.

The single most important thing that you have, and the thing that you can best control, is your time.  Do you spend your time on tasks that will increase your success, or are you spending way too much time on tasks that do not increase your bottom line?  Are you letting others control your time?

Here is the secret.  Set a schedule and follow it every day!  A home based business is only as effective as the time you put into productive activities.

The first priority is to complete those activities that increase your business revenue.  Whether it is posting to a social network or calling people who are in your sphere of influence, set aside enough time each day to accomplish that work.  Don’t let other people’s priorities disrupt your day, and don’t over-schedule yourself either.

Once you’ve created a work schedule, schedule those things that are necessary but will not produce revenue, like laundry and errands. Most importantly, be sure to leave some “me” time for your relaxation and recreation, which is necessary for both health and productivity.

Follow your schedule every day and you will watch your sales improve.  For more information about starting a successful network marketing business, be sure to sign up for my mailing list!

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