Turn Off the Television for SuccessThe television in your home is one of the greatest enemies to your success.  According to the 2011 American Time Use Survey, the Americans aged 15 and older spend about 2.8 hours a day watching television.  That’s almost 20 hours a week spent sitting in front of the television screen!

TV is a deceptively expensive part of your life.  Not only does it cost money for cable and electricity, but it also keeps you away from healthier activities and can promote overspending with the clever advertising tricks used in the commercials.  Worst of all, that is nearly twenty hours of your week that could be spent making your life better!

While it’s very tempting to come home after a long day and just relax in front of the television, if you want to gain control of your life you will need to sacrifice that “veg time.”  If you can replace just one of those daily TV hours working on building relationships in your network marketing business, you will get one step closer to success and financial independence every day.  Not only does turning off the TV save you money, but it can also make you money!

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