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As a network marketer, I have learned to understand that I am the face of my business. I can hardly differentiate between how I represent myself and how I represent my business. The image I portray to my target clients is can catapult or jeopardize my success. For this reason, growing your network marketing business is going to require you to develop good self awareness as well. Here are some tips that have been important in my success in network marketing and that can help you as well.


The first place to start is to figure out who you really are and how you come across to the people around you. The inner person within you is what will drive you toward or away from job leads. I use this to change my tact whenever approaching a new client. You will need to utilize self reflection to identify approaches you can take in different situations.

Know the environment

Irrespective of whether I have a certain personality or not, I try to adapt to situations to make the best out of them.  To increase your chances of sealing deals with your new sales leads, you must be flexible too.  Be aware of the reactions people are having to the things you say so that you can adjust accordingly.  Learn to control how you act in various situations is vital to business success.

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