You’ve created a separate space for your office in your home, but you still find it difficult to stay productive during your work hours.  You’re uncomfortable, you’re distracted, and something about the setup is bothering you.  If this sounds like a familiar situation, you might want to take stock of the office space itself to eliminate unnecessary distractions and help you feel comfortable while you’re working.  What better day to start making your office more productive than today, Improve Your Office Day?

Step One: Eliminate Distractions

Remove unnecessary clutter, get rid of that loudly ticking clock, bring in a white noise machine or some instrumental music, and take control of your tangled mess of cords.  Once your office is free of visual and auditory distractions, you will find yourself able to focus more.

 Distraction Free Office

Step Two: Streamline Your Workspace

Your workspace should function like a finely tuned machine for maximum productivity.  If you have to walk across the office to answer your phone, or if you are constantly in search of a pen, or if your desk chair is bumping against the wall, it is time to consider rearranging the furniture.  Pay careful attention to how you really use the space and then organize your furniture and office supplies to be as convenient as possible to your personal working style.

 Streamline Your Office

Step Three: Create Comfort

If your chair is too hard or your desk is too high, it is very difficult to concentrate or enjoy working.  Find ergonomic chairs and furniture that are comfortable to use without being too relaxing so that you can still stay alert.

 Ergonomic Chair

Do you have any tips for improving your office space?  Share them in the comments; I’d love to hear from you!


Photos via Houzz