Motivate Yourself in Network MarketingWorking for yourself in a network marketing business is an incredibly freeing experience, but sometimes it can be hard to find the motivation to push yourself to succeed every day.  When you’re the only boss looking over your shoulder, it’s easy to justify relaxing and procrastinating on your network marketing business.  If you want any hope of success, however, you need to devote time every day to building your business.  The trick is finding the motivation.

One thing that can kill motivation is trying to do too many things at once.  Set a single, clear goal, like calling a certain number of potential clients or creating your business card, and focus on accomplishing that goal before moving on to other goals.  If you find yourself more motivated to think about things, harness this motivation to research ways to accomplish your goal in the most efficient way possible.  The research and planning stage is important to developing the motivation to act, and having a good plan can make the action needed to achieve the goal happen more smoothly.

Once you have a plan, give yourself a reasonable deadline in which to accomplish this goal.  Give yourself a reward for achieving the deadline, and tell family and friends about your deadline so that you feel obligated to meet it.  However, nothing beats just getting up and forcing yourself to work.  Give yourself ten minutes a day in which you absolutely have to work with no distractions; a lot of the time, this is enough to get you into the flow of things and accomplish your goal.

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