Internet Marketing or Network (Relationship) Marketing?

Is it Network Marketing or Net Marketing? Which is correct? It’s said (practically everywhere on the Internet) there has been a surge of successful new network marketers that have emerged from nothing to the top of the industry by building their businesses on the Internet. But what does that really mean- “building their business on the Internet?”

First off, let’s be really clear. Network Marketing is about building relationships with other people.

Even though the Internet allows some people to hide behind their computer screens, the successful networkers are not. In fact, the core principles of network marketing have not changed, and the Internet is just ANOTHER delivery mechanism.

The process of building a successful network marketing organization online is simple:

1. Build a contact list
2. Invite Your Prospects To a Presentation
3. Deliver Your Presentation
4. Follow Up and Sponsor
5. Train Your New Members

Does this look familiar?

So if building a network marketing business appears to be the same as it always has, what’s so different?

Building a contact list is a requirement of having a successful business whether you build it offline or online. Never before have there been so many millions of people searching for an opportunity. Many of those millions who are  looking for ways to make money from home are using search engines to facilitate their search. So essentially all you need to do is learn how to tap into the traffic on the search engines. However, DO NOT buy into all the hype you see about building that list instantly online!  Why? Because you have to learn the process and believe me it is a Process! Ask any of the online marketers who are claiming success, and if they tell you the truth you will learn it can take several years to get the formula right! Of course you can shortcut that learning curve by BUYING what they are selling promising you instant lists of prospects.  Do NOT be FOOLED! You will still have to learn the process and it is far more involved than just meeting someone while you are out shopping, for instance.

Next, inviting and conducting business presentations are still the norm and are required to pass on the information to your prospects.  If you haven’t learned it yet, you will find that many online marketers tell you they JUST simply send emails to a mass amount of prospects through their autoresponder or contact management system to have their contacts visit an online presentation. However, remember the fact you have to build that list first and usually the object of an online marketer is to sell you his METHOD of gathering those names and then you have to implement it and drive it to start building that list. In person, you will meet a few people today, and a few more tomorrow, and over the time you spent learning how to build a list, spending the money doing it you will find you could have begun building your list in person from day one.

Following up prospects and relationship building is best done one-on-one, and the NET Marketers are beginning to realize this and are hiring those capable of the HUMAN interaction to build their business! Remembering that network marketing is still about building relationships, human contact is still important.  I KNOW that communicating directly with your prospects to help them get started, either over the phone or an Internet communication system like Skype, where you can speak directly with the person on the other end is still the BEST way to do it! Don’t believe me, well how many emails have you opened lately, or better yet…How many unopened emails do you have in your email box(s) now?

By personalizing the enrollment process, you will find that a much higher number of members join your business.

And finally, training new members is done through all modalities…offline, websites and online systems. In fact, this is one area where the true power of the Internet creates a massive amount of leverage for all marketers. There is much debate over how you can get duplication in your network marketing business.  In my 30 years I know the answer! It is called training! No-one gets into this business to fail, and training is sought out by many. You and they can be trained in the comfort of each home….however let me caution you again.  The in-person training adds the element left out by the Internet…..the FAMILY aspect of network marketing  which is the GLUE in our profession.  People will leave a company in a heartbeat, but they will never leave a family! The Human side is needed to build that family.  It is true you can use a video training course to show them exactly how to build their business. however when you add the Family (glue) to your business you will create the ultimate leverage in your business and grow bigger than you ever thought possible.

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!

Ron Forrester


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