How to Network as an IntrovertThe desire to live an entrepreneurial lifestyle and run your own business at home is not limited to extroverted personalities who love meeting new people and talking to prospective clients.  The allure of an independent career where you act as your own boss also has a lot of appeal to many introverts as well.

If you’re an introvert who wants to venture into a lucrative network marketing career, your biggest qualm is probably the need to talk to large numbers of people in order to sell your product and build your team.  Though extroverts thrive on social interaction and new contacts, this aspect of network marketing is sometimes a source of anxiety or exhaustion for an introvert.  Luckily, there are ways to overcome the intimidation of connecting with new people and have a successful career in network marketing.

  • Prepare questions and pitches ahead of time and practice them so that you feel comfortable when starting a new conversation or sales pitch.
  • Remember that a lot of other people are just as intimidated as you are when making conversation with a new contact, so you could be doing them a favor!
  • Instead of focusing on the next thing to say and what impression you’re making, shift your focus outward to the other person.  Not only will this alleviate your anxiety, it will also make them feel good!

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