Fear of Being Rejected

One of the most intimidating and nerve-wracking things you have to face in the start of your network marketing career is approaching strangers with your sales pitch.  Beyond the natural fear that most of us developed during the impressionable years of childhood when we were repeatedly told “don’t talk to strangers!” by our elders, there is a strong social pressure to fear rejection.  Fear of rejection is not an uncommon challenge, and it’s very easy to see rejection of your sales pitch as a rejection of you personally.  This is rarely the case, but the fear is still hard to overcome.

As with many anxieties, the trick to overcoming the fear of rejection is reminding yourself that you’re not going to be hurt by it, and the best way to remind yourself is simply to take a deep breath and face it.  Crossing the first threshold is one of the hardest steps of your journey to success, but once you’ve taken the plunge and received your first rejection with no bloodshed, the next will become easier.  Every time you survive a rejection, your anxiety will recede a little further until you’re pitching like a pro with no fear.  Best of all, you will receive plenty of yes’s within those rejections, which will continue to bolster your confidence.

The worst thing you can do is hide away from rejection, because hiding from all of those no’s also means that you won’t get to see the yes’s.  Without those yes’s, you can’t see progress, so treasure your no’s as being a necessary companion on your path to success.

Have you faced and overcome a fear of rejection before?  Share your tips in the comments below; I would love to hear your stories!


Photo via FreeDigitalPhotos.net