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Overcome Your Fear of Rejection When Pitching Sales

Fear of Being Rejected

One of the most intimidating and nerve-wracking things you have to face in the start of your network marketing career is approaching strangers with your sales pitch.  Beyond the natural fear that most of us developed during the impressionable years of childhood when we were repeatedly told “don’t talk to strangers!” by our elders, there is a strong social pressure to fear rejection.  Fear of rejection is not an uncommon challenge, and it’s very easy to see rejection of your sales pitch as a rejection of you personally.  This is rarely the case, but the fear is still hard to overcome.

As with many anxieties, the trick to overcoming the fear of rejection is reminding yourself that you’re not going to be hurt by it, and the best way to remind yourself is simply to take a deep breath and face it.  Crossing the first threshold is one of the hardest steps of your journey to success, but once you’ve taken the plunge and received your first rejection with no bloodshed, the next will become easier.  Every time you survive a rejection, your anxiety will recede a little further until you’re pitching like a pro with no fear.  Best of all, you will receive plenty of yes’s within those rejections, which will continue to bolster your confidence.

The worst thing you can do is hide away from rejection, because hiding from all of those no’s also means that you won’t get to see the yes’s.  Without those yes’s, you can’t see progress, so treasure your no’s as being a necessary companion on your path to success.

Have you faced and overcome a fear of rejection before?  Share your tips in the comments below; I would love to hear your stories!


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The Positive Evolution of Marketing Lingo

Network Marketing is About Relationship BuildingLanguage is constantly evolving, as anyone who has tried to keep up with the ever-changing slang terms of the teenage crowd can tell you.  Even in established businesses, the jargon is continually developing and changing to better define its meaning, and network marketing is no exception.

Network marketing used to be more frequently called Multi-Level Marketing, which is a stiff and impersonal description of what it really does.  “Network” describes the web of relationships that defines our style of work far better than “Multi-Level,” but an even more accurate term is starting to take hold.  The term is “Relationship Marketing,” and I really like that description of what we do.  I feel as though it encompasses the most important aspect of our business, which is building relationships not only with customers but also with others interested in this style of marketing.

Another term that has undergone an evolution is the hackneyed and tired “sales associate.”  Also called “company representatives,” sales associates are those of us who are responsible for building the important relationships to get the product sold.  Now the term “sales associate” is getting replaced with “brand partners,” and I like that too.  Brand partners are involved with the brand; we have a relationship with the product we are selling as well as with the people to whom we are selling it.  This business is, at its heart, a business about relationships, and these two new terms make that apparent.

For more information on relationship marketing and becoming a brand partner, be sure to subscribe to the blog and follow me on Facebook!  What do you think of these new terms for network marketing and sales associates?


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Obtain leads, and Why High Touch and personal relationships will build a big business. 

While everyone is touting online ads and social media marketing as the ultimate ways to obtain leads for your home based business it’s easy to overlook the obvious and easiest ways of obtaining leads that you put to practice in your everyday life. You can’t spend all day marketing online and generating mlm leads this way can lead to eye strain and carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s time for you to enjoy your day and generate mlm leads the old fashioned way. (See my story at http://coachronforrester.com/about/)

Creating an online community and using social media is an excellent way to create a community presence to generate mlm leads. Obtaining leads this way is effective but it’s easier to create a sense of community in person.

Get Social IRL (In Real Life) –

You can’t stay in front of a computer 24/7. You need to get out, meet people, generate contacts, and do some networking. Local business mixers, charity events, real estate functions, and wealth planning seminars are excellent ways of obtaining leads. You can get to know more professional people face to face. The people you meet are more likely to remember you in person than they would have if they had met you through an online venue.

Hit the Gym

If you’ve been spending a great deal of time marketing your business online you’re probably in need of visiting the gym anyway. You can meet intelligent motivated people who would make great prospects. You can generate a lot of mlm leads with this method and you’ll be doing your body a favor too.

Exploit Your Interests

Are you a member of a group or association. Do you have an interest or common factor that could also double as a facet in obtaining leads for your home based business? There are several successful home based business owners that obtain mlm leads by attending group functions that they’d normally be going to anyway. One individual attends regular meetings for families with autistic children. This person has utilized the resources of an already established community to generate mlm leads for her home based business by approaching mothers with similar situations.

It’s easy to become hyper focused on using high tech methods in obtaining leads for your home based business but don’t neglect real face to face opportunities for mlm leads that present themselves day to day. It’s easy to overlook ads and forum postings and many people won’t even see your latest Facebook status if they are not logged in when you are.

Our high tech world offers us so many distractions but face to face interactions offer us the opportunity to put names with faces and connect on levels not possible through online interaction. Face to face communication can easily generate more mlm leads than all your online efforts despite the fact that you encounter far less people face to face than you do online. It’s the quality of the interaction that creates the perfect environment for obtaining leads.

In my 30 year career in the home based business profession I have never found a substitute in person contacting (see my article http://coachronforrester.com/network-marketing-or-net-marketing/ ) Network marketing is a High Touch – High Tech business, however don’t let anyone fool you High Touch is required especially if you met the person on the internet. I have had an internet business for 11 years, however I have found nothing substitutes for the personal relationship.  My crusade for those 30 years has been to help as many as I can be as successful . Using a system that is easily duplicated I have been able to help many achieve financial independence. Let me help you, too! Simply email me at symmetryfg@gmail.com . You might want to check out what I and many others are considering the only REAL opportunity we have ever seen at http://themillionairemaker.co ! Hope to hear from you soon!

Coach Ron

Entrepreneurs Turn to Home Based Businesses in a Tough Economy

Cottage Industry May Be the Answer to our Economic Hard Times

We are currently facing what has been described by many to be the greatest downturn in the economy since the Great Depression. Families are struggling to put food on the table and to make ends meet. Many individuals are forced to get second jobs to supplement their incomes and stave off creditors. However for some innovative individuals they are finding answers for their financial woes in the form of a home based business. (See my own story at http://coachronforrester.com/about/ )

If you’ve been laid off and few jobs are available it only makes sense to seek out an opportunity for self-employment. By creating your own job you afford yourself a sense of security that no other position could possibly provide. It is true that adversity provides opportunity and many home based businesses are actually thriving in tough economic times.

Opportunities for home based businesses abound even in economic hard times. Those who can capitalize on niche markets or find particular needs that remain stable maximize their chances at creating a successful and profitable home based business.

Creating your own job stability by developing a home based business is an effective strategy in economic hard times. You are the boss, you set your own hours, generate your own income, and you’ll never be laid off as long as you can keep the cash flowing in. Home based business owners find they can be quite creative in generating income opportunities when motivated by impending bills and the necessity of eating.

Self-employment in an economic slowdown makes sense. If there aren’t any jobs available then you take the initiative and create one. You have to work to generate income anyway, so why not create a home based business?

In economic hard times you must look for opportunities. Economic hard times can actually create opportunity if one is mindful and attentive to the needs of others. Focusing on providing services that can save money for others and services that are required even in economic downturns provide the best opportunities for those who are wishing to start a home based business. Hard times and opportunity in business often go hand in hand.

It’s important that you don’t give up when you experience setbacks when starting a home based business, but you can avoid many problems by doing your homework.  Self-employment in economic slowdown is not only possible but desirable and if you do adequate research you can insulate yourself against most foreseeable issues.

Many individuals have started home based businesses that thrived in tough economic times.  These pioneers forged ahead when others stayed on the sidelines. Fear holds many would be home based business owners back when there are economic hard times so the playing field becomes a little more level and the potential for opportunities increases. With less people willing to take financial risks there are less competitors to fight over these opportunities. This means more income producing opportunities for those who are willing to take chances.

In my 30 year career in the home based business profession I have never experienced a recession (see my article http://coachronforrester.com/recession-where-lets-see-nope-not-me-not-in-30-years/ ) or economic turndown. My crusade for those 30 years has been to help as many as I can be as successful . Using a system that is easily duplicated I have been able to help many achieve financial independence. Let me help you, too! Simply email me at symmetryfg@gmail.com . You might want to check out what I and many others are considering the only REAL opportunity we have ever seen at http://themillionairemaker.co ! Hope to hear from you soon!

Coach Ron

Owning Your Own Home Based Business Offers Many Benefits

Owning your own home based business organization offers many benefits:

  •  Being Your Own Boss
  • Working from Home
  • Financial Control
  • Work at Your Own Pace


All this sounds attractive at first glance but do you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur?

Do You Need the Services of a Competent Network Marketing Trainer?

Owning a home based business organization is a dream for many people. There are many leadership factors in a home based business organization. Not everyone has the initiative and know-how required to be a successful home based business owner. It doesn’t mean that the dream is unrealistic; it just means you may need some training before you begin. (see my own story http://coachronforrester.com/about/ )

Research is always the very first step in developing a business plan. Obtaining the services of a network marketing trainer will assist you in the process of developing your business plan. You could have the very best product in the world but without the ability to market your product correctly it’s unlikely you’ll be able to create a large enough customer base to support your home based business.

A knowledgeable network marketing trainer who has a long history of experience as a network marketing professional would be ideal to provide you with the marketing knowledge your home based business venture will require. It is wise to seek the advice of a network marketing professional prior to opening your home based business because obtaining the services of a network marketing professional will assist you in avoid serious and costly marketing mistakes that could break your business before you even open your doors.

Find the Right Network Marketing Professional

If you want to be successful finding the right network marketing trainer is essential. Finding the wrong one certainly won’t help you in your endeavor. Before contracting the services of a network marketing professional you must make sure they are competent and knowledgeable. Before hiring anyone ask yourself a few simple questions:

  1. What sort of training does this network marketing trainer have?
  2. What sort of businesses does this network marketing professional have?
  3. Do they teach an easily duplicable system anyone can adopt?
  4. Do they have a successful history in network marketing?
  5. Are they known to have been an “mlm junkie” going from one program to another?
  6. Do they believe in relationship building or just throwing mud on the wall to see if it will stick?


Asking the preceding questions should give you a good idea of how this person can help your business or if they can help you in your business efforts.

Starting your own home based business is exciting but it’s also takes work. Leadership factors in a home based organization are important and it’s vital that you can commit yourself to taking charge and aligning yourself with a known professional can eliminate most of the risk factors for you. However, no matter who you choose to align yourself with, know this YOU must be prepared to work consistently and persistently building your business in order to reap any rewards.

In my 30 year career in the home based business profession I have never experienced a recession (see my article http://coachronforrester.com/recession-where-lets-see-nope-not-me-not-in-30-years/ ) or economic turndown. Because My personal crusade for those 30 years has been to help as many as I can be as successful. Providing experience and leadership to others while using a system that is easily duplicated I have been able to help many achieve financial independence. Let me help you, too! Simply email me at symmetryfg@gmail.com . You might want to check out what I and many others are considering the only REAL opportunity we have ever seen at http://themillionairemaker.co ! Hope to hear from you soon!

Coach Ron

Attitude is Everything! Prerequisite for Success!

Attitude is Everything is An irrefutable fact that is a prerequisite to success.

“Attitude is Everything!” a phrase that the late Paul J. Meyer built an empire around and is the deciding factor in success. The proper Attitude for achieving success begin with the right mental mindset. YOU (specifically YOU) cannot expect to attain the levels of wealth and achievement YOU desire unless YOU are in control of the messages your brain is sending out.

I am NOT speaking of your conscious mind, but of your unconscious mind, and to give you a point of reference do this. Imagine your conscious mind is the size of a ..oh…a green pea.. and imagine your unconscious mind is the size of …..The EARTH….Yeah, that’s right it is not your conscious mind that is in control, but your unconscious mind!

In order to attain success you have to reprogram your unconscious mind to drive for your success, because your unconscious mind does not know the difference between something you fear and something you want! Let me illustrate… Remember when you have said to yourself, “Oh, you Dummy, you knew that would not work (anything can be put here), are you stupid?!” Want to know what happened in your unconscious mind… It believed you! and set about making what you seemed to be saying come true…so the next time you faced just such a decision, guess what …yep…you did it again! Because your unconscious mind was driving the train and just Knew you wanted that same failing result!

Listen up! YOU have to reprogram your unconscious mind to strive toward the wealth and achievement you wish to reach! How? By SEEING in your subconscious or unconscious mind what it is you desire AS IF IT ALREADY EXISTS! You have to believe you already are experiencing the success, living the life and your subconscious mind Believes that is what you really want and it drives you toward that experience in Reality. And to make it happen even faster, schedule a time each day when you can immerse yourself in the experience in you mind’s eye, see it happening, feel how you are experiencing it, see the people around you engaged, and your mind will drive you toward that to make it real.

To your success!

Coach Ron



My friend, Carla Ferrer.(Coach Carla) made this post on FB …. “Every big accomplishment is a series of little accomplishments. To achieve maximum success you must accept that progress is made one step at a time. A building is built one brick at a time! ♥ Football games are won one play at a time.♥ A business grows bigger one customer at a time. ♥ You walk over the highest mountain one step at a time. ♥ Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out. ♥ Be patient and be kind with yourself, but most of all, be diligent!”
Which prompted me to write……..
This quote sums it up.. People get into an mlm company and expect to start earning $1000’s instantly.  When I ask the question, “how much do you want to make in your new company?”  All too often I hear,  the answer of “$10,000/month.”  I always sigh to …myself, “another one!”
Because I know when I ask the next question what the answer will be!
The Next question? “How long are you willing to work the business to be able to make $10,000/month?
So what do you think the answer will be? Yeah, that’s about right! “Oh, six months should do it!” My immediate thought is “Where do you believe it says you will be earning $10,000’month in six months?”  Do I say that?….No, I try to get them grounded in reality!
I ask them, “What profession are you in now? How long have you been in that field of endeavor? What do you make now?  Then I ask them the critical question?
When was the last time you had a $1000/YEAR raise in your profession or work? What do you think the answer is I get the most often? Yeah, that’s it! The answer? “Well, NEVER!” So then I get to ask them, “Okay if you have never had that kind of raise, let me ask you this, how long have you been working there?” (Reminding them of my earlier question) And you have never had a $1000/Year raise (because I extremely rarely ever get a positive answer to that question) and they say, “Right, Never!”
Then I ground them in REALITY! I say, “What makes you think you could be making $10,000/month in what for you is a completely NEW Endeavor!? I then get to talk REALITY to them, get to develop a solid game plan and do some positive and realistic planning. And for those that will engage in the planning and the EXECUTION of the plan, then we can have them making $10,000/month or more, but VERY RARELY is it accomplished in 6 months.
I routinely ask for a 3-5 year commitment! Which, when compared to Corporate America’s actual tracking, IS a FAST TRACK plan to $10,000/month.
Remember, I am a Pharmacist.. ..Pharmacist make a lot of money…However, when I entered MLM I had 12 years in Pharmacy and I was only making $6,000/month! (about $18,000/month in today’s dollars) at that time! It took me 3 years of working in Pharmacy to make the equivalent of $10,000/month in today’s dollars! Hmmmmmm, 3 years after 6 years of TRAINING in that Profession! So a total of 9 years to make the equivalent of $10,000/month!
Well that seems to be the norm! Don’t believe me? Read the book “Outliers” and you will see the norm is to work about 10,000 hours to become proficient in ANY ENDEAVOR! Check it out! Get real in your EXPECTATIONS and you will be successful (and a lot happier!)
Coach Ron



How does a tough economy affect a home based business (HBB – MLM) during economic hard-times like we have been experiencing for a while?

From the “people” perspective it is no different than in good times. Not everyone is cut out to be in business for themselves, but everyone needs to find out if they are one of those that is cut out for self-employment. Unfortunately, some people buy into the despair and give in to the bad news, accepting the poor financial performance without deciding to change those conditions for themselves, until things improve. Some totally give up, throw their hands in the air and drop out entirely, becoming “wards of the state, welfare babies”, or some such.

In 30 years of working in the home based business profession I have observed an astounding fact… Invariably…in every instance … I  personally witnessed that EVERY tough economy or hardtime/downturn resulted in my HBB growing by leaps and bounds, which means that everyone on my teams also experienced that same success.

I also noticed those tough economy situations and economic hardtimes produced some of the most successful individuals ever! Invariably a downturn can, even does, present real opportunities. Why would that be so?

Simple. Slowdowns, increased unemployment, reduced hours, Layoffs and job loss can mean that more people need to supplement reduced hours, need a new income and realize an HBB or MLM business is the most effective strategy or option they have. This realization represents a real opportunity for growing a HBB or MLM business.

There are many rationales that lend themselves to applying the need not only for the business but also for the products presented by various companies. For instance those  selling health-related products may find an increased demand for those products because many people cut back on expensive services, like health maintenance appointments but wish to insure their continued chance of good health.

Like exists in any business environment, good times or hardtimes, those people that are astute, recognize the opportunity to tap into those situations to increase or change their own circumstances by establishing an HBB – MLM business.

My 30 year experience can be passed on with this simple tip.. Get involved now in a home based business. The time is right, the opportunities abound for your success.


Coach Ron


Success Has A Price!

Whatever you want in life, you must give up something to get it. The greater the value, the greater the sacrifice required of you. There’s a price to pay if you want to make things better, and a price to pay for just leaving things as they are, but the price can be temporary!  Even if you don’t make a decision about an issue, you are paying a price.

Nothing worthwhile ever comes easily. Work, continuous work and, sometimes, hard work  is the only way to accomplish results that last. Contrary to what a lot of people must believe, it won’t happen in 6 Weeks. (Must be what a lot of people believe because I have heard more times than I want to remember, “Well, I’ll try it for 6 weeks……” To which I respond, Don’t waste my time!)

There is no success at bargain basement prices. The highway to success is a toll road. Slight Edge decisions are the currency on that toll road…Slight Edge decisions that drive you toward your desired outcome on a daily basis will result in a positive accomplishment over time. Slight Edge decisions that only satisfy an immediate desire, like watching a ball game instead of taking action on your desired outcomes, will result in a negative impact on your life.

Being willing to do what others are unwilling to do and doing those tasks or taking those actions on a daily basis will result in a positive outcome. Essentially eating that elephant one bite at a time.

My mentor, Jeff Olson, says it in a manner most should incorporate into their personal motivators when he says, “Do what makes you uncomfortable today, so you can be very comfortable later, instead of doing what makes you comfortable today and resulting in being uncomfortable in the future.” (Pain now for lasting pleasure later, or pleasure now for long lasting pain!)

I know we’ve all heard these thoughts before and we ask ourselves, “So, self, just how do I make this work? How do I implement this into my life and be effective?”  In answer, and as a tip for you, …I have been teaching a “Goals” seminar, for lack of a better word,… for many years that lasts (depending on the agenda) from 6 hours to 2 days. The underlying plan can be stated in 4 bullet points and in about 35 seconds (if I’m slow! lol) and it is this:

A Plan for Accomplishment

1. Decide what you want…to be, to have, to accomplish (you fill in the “want”)

2. Decide what you will pay for it…. This is almost invariably the commodity of  “time.” Most often TV time!

3. Make a plan….usually a schedule of a few hours per day, per week, per month that you are going to STICK to!

4. Work your plan….. eat the elephant one bite at a time.  Never, never, never, never, quit! (as Winston Churchill said so eloquently)

As you prepare your plan ask yourself some questions like”

“Is sleep more important then your success?”

“Is that ball game going to really make a difference in my life?” (Remember our mentor, Jeff Olson, gave up one of his loves to become super successful…softball!)

“When I give up the TV time, will I be giving up quality time with my family?” (almost a universally resounding NO!)

Once you devise your plan, then tip the success of the plan in your favor.  How? By putting up reminders to yourself on the ubiquitous Refrigerator, or bathroom mirror or auto dashboard.  Something like this…”I have a plan set forth to reach my success and I have to stay obedient to the rules and regulations I set forth. To do so I must sacrifice some of my short term pleasures. This can be painful, but pain brings forth change. So we must invite the pain and by doing so we will experience ultimate long term pleasure in it’s purest form.”

So the point of today’s message is to be obedient to your plan, be ready to sacrifice your short term temporary pleasure, invite the pain that comes from your sacrifice, and you will have true lasting pleasure.

These tips may sound simple, however I assure you…. You will need to call upon your Slight Edge persona and rely on those philosophies on a constant basis.  When you do, I promise you…. you will achieve whatever desired outcome you are seeking!

To your Slight Edge accomplishments!

Coach Ron

(oh, btw, the Title..99 Keys?   It’s just a spoof on all these articles you see….5 ways, 6 new things, 7 ways, etc! lol..)

12 Ways to Obtain Leads for Your Home Based Business


Invariably I will be asked what ways are there to obtain leads for your home based business.  Here is the scenario….You have just started your work from home based business and you want to launch your business, not just start it! So what now? You must have prospects. Your business must have traffic…how do you get them?

You are so fortunate! In today’s social/business model you have more prospects available from a larger segment of the society, than anyone ever has! Not only do you have the time tested PROVEN methods of list building, you also have the many ways available online that exists today.

Traditionally, at the start of a home based business, you would obtain leads by compiling a list of those people you had the most influence with on a regular basis. Of course this list of leads for your home based business consisted of your family, friends, and acquaintances you had made in your lifetime.

Have you ever thought of why you heard “Who do you know?” from your sponsor immediately after signing up in a home based business? It is really simple why…Because it WORKS! Think about it..how many times have you given a referral to someone else over your life…guarantee you have done it many times. Why? Because it works! And it will always Work! There is another process going on, too, within yourself as you work with this initial list. What is it? YOU are becoming familiar with and even learning a new skill set.

Be that as it may, though, this article is devoted to Obtaining Leads for your home based business, so let’s continue with that discussion.

Another TRIED and PROVEN (many times over) method is to stay in Recruiting Awareness at all times and ALWAYS have your preferred method of giving information to a prospect on you at all times….I like the new twist on a Time Proven tool (the old cassette tape) known as the Duel Disk because it will deliver the information the same way every time and because NEARLY 99% of the population knows how to use them, ie…are accepting of them and do not look at it as threatening. Make it a target to hand out 2 of these duel disks on a daily basis.

Now, some other methods….Some Free, some not so Free

Today, you also have the unique opportunity to meet people on the Internet and those methods may not be so familiar to you. So Here are 10 ways to obtain leads for your home based business via the Internet.

1. Free Classifieds – Classifieds have always been great to obtain leads for a home based business. With the advent of Craig’s List, etc, they are easy to place. The trick is to take massive action though,  and Do it every day and do a lot each day.

2. Signature Marketing – This technique is one of the most effective at absolutely no cost! It only costs you a short 2-3 minutes! You simply build a unique “line” signature you place at the bottom of all your emails and forum post with links to your information..your FB page, your Twitter account, your website, your email and your phone number. When you make an impact with your message, these will allow them to get more information.

3. Article Marketing – This has to be in the top 2 ways to obtain leads for your home based business. Content is King with the Search Engines, and Writing articles will get you great search engine placement. Searchers are getting savvier and they know that the organic results offer more information and less on sales push.

4.  Optin List – Building your contact empire is essential and providing an opt-in option will build your list and allow you to build a relationship with those optins so that you are allowed to market over and over to them. It is estimated that each person on your list should be worth $10 per month to you. Give them value, though, before marketing to them.  I usually send 4 emails with value and then make a short pitch based on permission marketing instead of hard sell marketing.

5. Pay Per Click – Let me say up-front, this method REQUIRES some level of expertise or your will be wasting your money, FAST! The traditional Google AdWords campaigns have lost a little of the luster recently but Google is not the only game in town. Find the other search engines and also look at very targeted placement. Better yet, if you are going this route, find a PPC Manager and let them do it!

6. Ezine Ads – Like Free Classifieds, these work and are very cost effective ads, especially since you can get very targeted to the market that you are after. This is more effective than PPC but more costly than Free Classifieds.

7. Free Ebooks – A book gives you instant credibility. A great Ebook will give you longevity on the web and will bring you traffic for a long time into the future. You can also use it to build a large optin contact list very quickly since you can offer it for free upon optin.

8. PLR Marketing – Private Label Rights publications is a way to use Ebook and Ephamphlet marketing very effectively. There are numerous sources for PLR. Many people do not have the time or desire to create their own content and PLR will allow them simple method to have content.

9. Exit Pop – Very effective especially combined with a PLR publication or your own info publication. Use exit pop’s to promote your opportunity on pages that are already drawing traffic. There are numerous plugins to WordPress that make this possible, many of them are free to use.

10. Trade Ads with other Ezines Publishers – Somewhat more specialized. If you have an ezine you can swap ads with other ezine publishers.

In order to be successful in getting your home based business started up and paying you requires you to take several PROVEN actions, including building a prospect list on an ongoing basis. A target for you while using these (automatic? lol) methods will work to get you as many as 5 leads a day from each source, so you can be getting many leads after a while. That while is dependent on what you do.  Using different strategies to generate prospects will  allow you to make money which will allow you to be more aggressive in your methods. Successful work at home professionals do not put all their effort/money in just one or two sources but spread it around so that they are not held hostage by any changes that a source may make.

To your Success!

Coach Ron


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