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Some Real Secrets Revealed!


Personal Development is THE main secret to building a large business organization, not only in MLM – Network Marketing – Home based businesses but in your own biggest business – your life.

A fact I have observed over my long career directly confirms the foregoing statement. A person never grows in the outer world until they grow in the inner world, or until you grow in your own personal development, you never accomplish much in the real world.

Jeff Olson has long made an observation about personal development and MLM – he says, “We don’t have a business opportunity, we have a personal development program delivered by the vehicle known as a business opportunity.” or “We don’t have a business opportunity, we have a personal development program wrapped around a business offering.”

Early on in my career, as a matter of fact from the very first day, I was pleased to learn my  recruiter-mentor literally required each of his personally sponsored recruits to read some positive literature, or listen to a useful recording, on a regular basis, daily if possible.

I have also been blessed by having parents that urged each of us to read good books, as well as raised us with positive reinforcement. I’ve always heard, “You can do it!” “You can be anything you want to be, if you just decide to be whatever it is.” “You can do anything you can conceive of, and believe.”

When I became aware of authors of personal development books I literally sought them out, went to meet them and developed ongoing relationships with many of them. I met Zig Ziglar in 1967, Jim Rohn in 1976, Paul Meyer in 1979, Brian Tracy in 1986, Dennis Waitley in 1986, Jeff Olson first in 1990 – renewed our relationship in 1996 and a host of others in the last two decades. My personal library consists of upwards of 4,000 books, of which I have read 99.9% of them, and scores of tapes, cd’s,(my automobile is my graduate university) and dvd’s.

So, my belief system received definite reinforcement when my mentor “required” me to read good personal development material.

I’m putting this page up to make each of you aware of resources I have used to grow personally in my life and to sharpen my skills for my business.

Good Books – The Foundation of Personal Development

1.) I recommend The Slight Edge, by Jeff Olson as THE foundational work, essential to all networkers to read and re-read.  Even though my path started with other books I urge you to start with this one – if you are new – and I also urge you – if you have been in the business for any length of time – GRAB A COPY OF THIS BOOK! Jeff’s premise is – a person does not have to be 10% better than any other to have huge  success, they just have to be a little better. He teaches that we make decisions many times a day, small simple decisions, however, his Slight Edge formula says when we make those decisions it is easy to make a small decision in favor of what will be in our best interest in the long run, and it is also just as easy to make that decision in favor of something we want to do instead of something that is best for us. Our decision today will have a great impact on our life that day, but day in and day out if we continue to make a decision that is not in our best interest in the long run, then we reap the outcome with the accumulated effect over a long period of time.

For example, what if you just do not want to go out and meet 2 new people to give a cd on your product/opportunity today and you do nothing. What is the effect of that action? Today – nothing. It will not affect your overall results when compared to the 365 days you have in a year to take that action. BUT, what if you continue to make that decision day in and day out? Will your business grow? NO! and you wind up being one of those naysayers about mlm – “Oh, mlm?  Nah! Doesn’t work, don’t waste your time!” When in truth IT IS YOU WHO DOESN”T WORK!

Jeff’s book will help you through that understanding and guide you on a daily basis to make slight edge decisions. My copy is dog eared, stained, creased, crumpled and it is wonderful!

2. Napoleon Hill‘s Think and Grow Rich is my next overall favorite. I have gone through a number of copies of this book because in 30 years I have literally used them up! I do have a favorite issue, though, and it is the Think and Grow Rich Action Pack. It consists of the book and a workbook for each chapter that is very thorough and promotes understanding of the principals contained in the specific chapters. I have given this book to many people over the years, with the hopes they will actually read and engage in the work book included in the pack. Hill discusses the success principals of the most successful people of his era, and they are universal with any successful person no matter the era. Use Hill to cut a long learning curve off of your development.

3. David Swartzs’ The Magic of Thinking Big is actually the first book I read after signing up in 1980. Why? Because my recruiter/mentor gave me the copy and said, “Read this book, now.” I am glad he did.  Even though it is written for that particular era, it is still applicable to all, even the techies (of which I are one! lol!) of today.  The book opened my eyes to BIGGER possibilities, a bigger more universal scope of the nature of my wishes/wants/desires/goals. Jim Rohn, says (paraphrased) “Why come to the well and make a small request? Go to the Ocean and make a Huge request!” I agree with him.

4. John Maxwell’s Roadmap to Success has got to be in my top ten books of all time. Maxwell writes with such clarity you finish a book written by him and you have a clear understanding of where you need to go, what you need to do, and how to do it. You actually could not go wrong just reading the rest of his books when you finish this one.

5.) As a Man Thinketh by James Allen is one of the absolute musts for anyone to read, and re-read, and re-read in conjunction with Jeff Olson’s The Slight Edge. Why?

As a Man Thinketh is a marvelous work about how the subconscious mind drives the conscious mind a little bit at the time, everyday, persistently and consistently toward what the subconscious mind believes the conscious mind is wanting/seeking/hoping for and fervently desiring. The subconscious mind does this all the time, making Slight Edge decisions that result in whatever the conscious mind is wanting.

Combining and applying the proven philosophy of The Slight Edge with the understanding of the conscious mind/subconscious mind revealed in As a Man Thinketh in a minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day manner WILL result in manifesting the changes you are keeping on your mind at all times. This is not guess work, it is a fact. James Allen clearly states that you will attain whatever it is you are constantly thinking about, whether it is defeat, fear of the future/change or whether it is super success/change for the better/better circumstances for you and your family. Jeff Olson clearly illustrates how making Slight Edge decisions consistently in every case Will result in you being more (more successful, more as a person, more for your family, more for you) in every case.

Therefore, reading As a Man Thinketh, integrating that into your daily activities so that you are thinking about accomplishment instead of defeat, and reading The Slight Edge then incorporating Jeff’s philosophical methods will result in you attaining whatever it is you desire.


Cover of

Cover of The Slight Edge


Cover of

Cover of The Magic of Thinking Big

Enough said, simple. And as Art Williams says, “Do it!” or as Emerson said, “Do the Thing, and have the power.”

I am going to stop here for today, however I will continue with this in the very near future, so stay tuned! And thank you for your attention!

Cover of

Original Cover

Blessings and prosperity for you on your personal journey.

Coach Ron


What area of Personal Development Does it Take to be a World Class Leader in Network Marketing?

Undoubtedly, Most people have observed the plethora of people professing “leadership qualities” on the Internet today. Haven’t you? It seems anyone in multilevel marketing can claim to be a leader if they have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and can post wise quotes from known and recognized personal development leaders of the past 50 years. But what does it take to be a world class leader?

Having been on the front edge of some very large multilevel organizations over the past 30 years I learned a few concepts that can make it possible to develop world class leadership skills.

One of the important concepts I believe is imperative to learn and implement can be summed up in the phrases, “Go with the Flow” “Meet People where they are” and “Lead people, don’t make people.”

What do I mean by these phrases?

Simply this.  In network marketing You are trying to be a leader of people in a very UNSTRUCTERED organization, so you cannot MAKE people do as you want, you must give them a reason to want to do as you want. So, simply, “go with the flow”…work with people were they are and gradually give them reasons to adapt your methods of performing. In other words ….be flexible! It may be in your best interest to wait a while to put your agenda into place, instead working with them, evaluating their method as fast as possible and Lead them to do what you are professing.

So, to be a good to great leader, first be flexible, and skillfully lead them to your agenda by earning their respect for your position.

Another Observation I Have Made

In networking Skill number one, flexibility, carries over to skill number two. Instead of saying, “This is how we are going to do it” say something like this, “this is what we are dealing with and I suggest we do this …what do you think?” This will cause the other person(s) to lean forward (in sales talk) and buy in to what you are suggesting.  Of course, your “suggestion” will be one founded in success principals of years based on the fact you also went through this process, right? If you haven’t then you should.

And Finally, an Important Concept to Implement

Network marketing, as a whole, responds to a higher purpose. Usually, those involved are truly wanting to improve themselves. So, a real clue in multilevel marketing is “There must be a higher CAUSE.” You are intensely desiring cohesiveness in your team, if you are a leader. You have to deal with them on an individual basis in order to get each person on the path of personal growth. BUT, you want the whole team moving forward in order to create that unstoppable force! So as you work with the individuals instill in each one of the the concept of “the higher cause.” Expound on your desire for the team to be the ones that everyone looks up to because of the results experienced by each member growing in status, whether it be in income, personal accolades of achievement, or company awards, etc. This is where the concept “When YOUR business moves from your head to your Heart” is truly reflected.

What does that mean, you ask? Simple, focus on the achievement and accomplishment of others so you can achieve and accomplish your own desires. Or simply put by Zig Ziglar, “If you help enough other people get what they want , you can’t but help get what you want!”

When you grow enough to implement these three concepts, you are on the path to becoming a world class leader.

Coach Ron

A Review of The Slight Edge, by Jeff Olson

In this review of The Slight Edge, by Jeff Olson, I will relate to you my exact experiences with Jeff and subsequently, The Slight Edge.

Even though I have been very successful in my professions (Pharmacy and MLM) it was not until I met Jeff Olson in 1991 and became a student of his, even being personally mentored some years later, did the explosion in my business really happen. The incorporation of his concept of the 10 Core Commitments, so thoroughly and understandably conveyed through his book, was the deciding factor.  Virtually all of Jeff’s teaching is centered around personal development.  As many know Jeff is phenomenally successful in Network Marketing and he often says, “We don’t have a networking business….no, we have a personal development program using Network Marketing as a vehicle to deliver that program.”

Cover of

Cover of The Slight Edge

Personal Development is a journey, an inner journey and you will not get there overnight, and that is one of the most important principals taught in The Slight Edge.  How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time, of course.  You are not going to change overnight, and you are not going to read a good material book overnight. No, do what Jeff teaches, a core commitment, read 10 pages a day. It won’t take you very long to read that 10 pages, ….do it every day, and you will reach any level of personal development you wish. And you will do it right!

I have heard it said, “Personal development has absolutely nothing to do with money” but I beg to differ on that thought. One of the most important, if not the most important one, of Jeff’s 10 Core Commitments is to read 10 pages of a good book per day, or listen to a teaching tape or CD. In The Slight Edge Jeff teaches us that doing that simple step will improve the “Man in the Mirror” expanding his mind, expanding his interaction with others, and through good works, influencing others to also do the same.

By doing that then the person engaged in the “10 pages a day” helps others get what they want and surely he gets what he wants.  So, I have to differ with the statement, Personal Development has all to do with making money for you will not grow in the world until you grow in yourself as Jeff so aptly says in his book.

Without Jeff Olson teaching me the practical application of Personal Development, through The Slight Edge principals and teachings, my life would have been very different. Sure, I was a student of Personal Development way before I met Jeff Olson, however he taught me the Slight Edge application of that personal development into all areas of my life. Without that Slight Edge mentorship I would not have been able to weather some very serious hardships I have faced, and still stayed on the path to being a better person, instead of a becoming so cynical I would have not been worth being around.

The concept “Personal Development” cannot be separated from the concept “Life” or “Health” or “Family” or “Business” because to truly reach your full potential in any of those areas requires the implementation/incorporation/utilization of personal development in all.  I use my copy of the Slight Edge so much it is dog-eared and creased and stained, however, all that does not matter..the wisdom still leaps off the pages for me! The Slight Edge, literally exploded my business. I finally understood that the application of Personal Development was necessary throughout my life in all areas, and once I embarked on that journey, I became a better person, a better leader and a better servant to those with whom I work.

I recommend to everyone to obtain and read a copy of The Slight Edge, hands down it will be the difference in your life including your business.

Coach Ron

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As the crop lethargically moves toward its Lent heyday, ferreting out enough crustaceans for a boil might require the eye of a seasoned scavenger, a loose wallet and the speed and agility of an NFL cornerback.

Small,expensive and hard to find is no way for the beloved delicacy to kick off boiling season. Yet local merchants, harvesters and scientists say if you move fast, you might be able to scrounge enough to make do for your first crawfish boil of the 2011.
A fall drought and a cold winter have teamed up to keep the population of the delicacy down. And to top it all, that low supply, in conjunction with higher price of gas, have raised the cost of crawfish by about $0.50-$1.00 more per pound than is usual at this time of year.

The colder weather and a dry fall caused the crop to not be as big, but once the weather gets above 60 degrees for a sustained length of time, the temperature above which crawfish get active enough to produce more then the supply will increase.

The late Easter Crawfish and rising temperatures are causing farmers and consumers to their lucky stars . Despite the colder temperatures we have been experiencing, indications are the weather will warm considerably in time to make boils more possible. Even though the crawfish season usually peaks in the spring each year, the season officially runs November to July. This year the calendar co-operated to bring Lent in three weeks later than usual — on March 9 compared to the usual date in middle Feb.– and that change also provided Mother Nature with sufficient time to bring temperatures up to the level necessary for crawfish activity!

And the good news is the FIRST CRAWFISH FESTIVAL of 2011 is being held in The Heights on March 5th from 11:00AM till 4:00PM.

You can find the info and get your ticket, which also qualifies you for a raffle, at http://on.fb.me/crawfishfestival ! Better Hurry, though, tickets are limited because the crop has been small! See You There! 414 W. 19th Street and Ashland (Sterling Bank Parking Lot), Houston, TX 77008.

Sign Ups and Banners
2764 West TC Jester Blvd
Houston, Texas 77018

They don’t care what you know until they know you care!

The 5 Most Important Concepts to Focus on in Building YOUR MLM Business!

I could write forever on these 5 most important concepts to focus on in building your mlm business, however this video says it better, with wisdom of the ages written right into the video. When you incorporate the concepts developed in this video into your daily method of operation, and you are sincere about it, then your business will grow.

The simple truth is your business will move from your head (what you want) to your heart, (what others want) and you become a servant leader.

People will follow you anywhere when they know you care about their destination. My business literally shot over the moon when I really began to understand this….it took me nearly 2 years to learn, initially,  yeah, I know….sloooooooooowwwwwwwwww! lol…

Take a lesson from me and don’t be so slow! As a result of just getting this concept right in my head/heart my business and those of my associates just skyrocketed!  I have spent more time with my family, done more things with my family, experienced more of what life has to offer, helped 1000’s of others do the same and I have friends all over the world, and that is the most important thing …you will learn, for sure.

That is one of the core principals to success in mlm, if not the ultimate core principal.  It is not the “posing” you find on the internet, but the true ingrained and heartfelt caring someone can see in your physical presence.  Sure meet people online, then show them who you are by being there for them….every time.. You will grow! Watch the video!

The Simple Truths of Appreciation Movie

Hope you got the message!,…. Play it 5 times to get the 5 most important concepts to focus on in building your mlm business!

People, get off of what you want, and onto what others want!

Lol…till next time!

Ron Forrester


It Still Sounds Like a Pyramid Scheme!

My Job sucks!

“It sounds like a pyramid Scheme,” has been a phrase I have heard untold numbers of times over my 30 year career. There are a number of ways to handle this “objection” and they all work to bring someone’s cognizance to a level of understanding that network marketing is not a pyramid scheme, but their job is!

HOWEVER, this little cartoon really hits it on the head!  I laughed so much tears were streaming down my cheeks.

It was amazing to me when I heard, “I have decided that my job sucks…….” because I could relate to that, even though I am a Pharmacist and was working for a nationally known chain, actually managing two of their stores. I had two small children and was working 72 hours a week being paid for 44 hours!

Thankfully I did not listen to any of those around me when they said to me, “It sounds like a pyramid scheme.”  Instead I simply asked each and every one of them
“Tell me what a pyramid scheme is” and NONE of them had the slightest idea what that phrase meant!
Invariably they told me “a friend, a brother, a sister, etc. yada yada yada” had warned them away from “pyramid schemes” so they just took up the mantra!
Man! Was I skeptical of their powers of deduction, reasoning, discernment (whispering in an aside..should I say Intelligence!) when they told me they had just blindly followed those suggestions and not gotten involved in a “pyramid scheme” not realizing they were involved in one or more all the time!
TIP: When someone says to you, “It sounds like a pyramid scheme to me” do one of the following or several, if you are so inclined.
Reply to them, “Oh, seriously? Tell me, What is a pyramid scheme”  and let them tell you.
or, “Really, …..well, is that a bad thing?” You will certainly gain insight into how they look at networking from their answer.
or, “Oh, ….well….if it was would that be a good thing or a bad thing?”  Again you will gain insight and be able to move to the next level of enlightment.
Now if their answer is, “No, not a bad thing” (meaning they like network marketing but just do not have the vocabulary to accurately describe it) then you reply with
“Great! you’re gonna love this”  and STOP explaining anything right then, just go on with your demonstration, delivery of a DVD or website or whatever tool you want.
If their answer is, “Yes, it is a bad thing!”  then you reply with,
“Great, you’re gonna love this!” and STOP explaining anything right then, just go on with your demonstration, delivery of a DVD or website or whatever tool you want.
This is my all time favorite though, whenever I am confronted with the question either implied or direct, “Is this a pyramid? Or It sounds like a pyramid scheme”  I simply say,
“Gosh NO!, Pyramids are illegal, you go to jail!” And then I keep going with my demonstration, delivery of a DVD or website or whatever tool I want!
This is so cool! and  literally  stops the objection immediately.
So there you have it,….show the movie above, or use my Tips.
And if you want a video to help you, use this one….
(soundtrack is off, but info is dynamic!)
I hope this has helped you and please let me know by comment!
Have a wonderful day!

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Network Marketing or Net Marketing?

Internet Marketing or Network (Relationship) Marketing?

Is it Network Marketing or Net Marketing? Which is correct? It’s said (practically everywhere on the Internet) there has been a surge of successful new network marketers that have emerged from nothing to the top of the industry by building their businesses on the Internet. But what does that really mean- “building their business on the Internet?”

First off, let’s be really clear. Network Marketing is about building relationships with other people.

Even though the Internet allows some people to hide behind their computer screens, the successful networkers are not. In fact, the core principles of network marketing have not changed, and the Internet is just ANOTHER delivery mechanism.

The process of building a successful network marketing organization online is simple:

1. Build a contact list
2. Invite Your Prospects To a Presentation
3. Deliver Your Presentation
4. Follow Up and Sponsor
5. Train Your New Members

Does this look familiar?

So if building a network marketing business appears to be the same as it always has, what’s so different?

Building a contact list is a requirement of having a successful business whether you build it offline or online. Never before have there been so many millions of people searching for an opportunity. Many of those millions who are  looking for ways to make money from home are using search engines to facilitate their search. So essentially all you need to do is learn how to tap into the traffic on the search engines. However, DO NOT buy into all the hype you see about building that list instantly online!  Why? Because you have to learn the process and believe me it is a Process! Ask any of the online marketers who are claiming success, and if they tell you the truth you will learn it can take several years to get the formula right! Of course you can shortcut that learning curve by BUYING what they are selling promising you instant lists of prospects.  Do NOT be FOOLED! You will still have to learn the process and it is far more involved than just meeting someone while you are out shopping, for instance.

Next, inviting and conducting business presentations are still the norm and are required to pass on the information to your prospects.  If you haven’t learned it yet, you will find that many online marketers tell you they JUST simply send emails to a mass amount of prospects through their autoresponder or contact management system to have their contacts visit an online presentation. However, remember the fact you have to build that list first and usually the object of an online marketer is to sell you his METHOD of gathering those names and then you have to implement it and drive it to start building that list. In person, you will meet a few people today, and a few more tomorrow, and over the time you spent learning how to build a list, spending the money doing it you will find you could have begun building your list in person from day one.

Following up prospects and relationship building is best done one-on-one, and the NET Marketers are beginning to realize this and are hiring those capable of the HUMAN interaction to build their business! Remembering that network marketing is still about building relationships, human contact is still important.  I KNOW that communicating directly with your prospects to help them get started, either over the phone or an Internet communication system like Skype, where you can speak directly with the person on the other end is still the BEST way to do it! Don’t believe me, well how many emails have you opened lately, or better yet…How many unopened emails do you have in your email box(s) now?

By personalizing the enrollment process, you will find that a much higher number of members join your business.

And finally, training new members is done through all modalities…offline, websites and online systems. In fact, this is one area where the true power of the Internet creates a massive amount of leverage for all marketers. There is much debate over how you can get duplication in your network marketing business.  In my 30 years I know the answer! It is called training! No-one gets into this business to fail, and training is sought out by many. You and they can be trained in the comfort of each home….however let me caution you again.  The in-person training adds the element left out by the Internet…..the FAMILY aspect of network marketing  which is the GLUE in our profession.  People will leave a company in a heartbeat, but they will never leave a family! The Human side is needed to build that family.  It is true you can use a video training course to show them exactly how to build their business. however when you add the Family (glue) to your business you will create the ultimate leverage in your business and grow bigger than you ever thought possible.

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!

Ron Forrester



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High Tech or High Touch?   Which?

For Years now, a lot of material has been
written about the High Tech side of Internet Marketing versus the High Touch of traditional marketing.  The reviews seem to concentrate on how to use High Tech exclusively instead of traditional methods of Network Marketing.  In the past year, though,
there has been a recurring thought pattern among those that do market on
the Internet, and many of them do a lot of marketing on the Internet, that would challenge the “exclusive” side of solely using one method over the other.

The recurring pattern central theme is…even though the internet
market is vast and tapping into that venue is valuable to obtain new
contacts as leads….it is just that…another method of finding leads.
But it is not the be-all and end-all that will propel your business to
vast new heights!

Internet Marketing is not even the High Tech side of our business, it is only a part of the High Tech side!

And……without the High Touch side to Network Marketing being
engaged….then the odds of your business growing to the levels you want
is questionable at best!

That’s right…questionable.

The High Touch element is essential to growing your business to those
stratosphere heights and more and more of the “gurus” are acknowleding

I know I do not want to simply drive leads to my site, enroll them
for a sum of money, and never hear from them again for the most part.
Those that do start growing their business from this high tech approach
are few, and they are having to constantly fuel their efforts with new people because they do not apply the “glue” into their business.

Quite frankly, I do not want to sling mud on the wall and see how
much sticks.  I owe it to those that commit the money to get involved to
actively engage all that I know to work with them and assist them in
growing their business.

This is where the High Touch side of the business kicks in….You
MUST develop that offline personal relationship to insure your business will grow and the only way you can do that is by growing other
peoples business you get connected to.

Without doubt, as the Internet “gurus” are learning (and some are even seeking someone
who is experienced in, and can do, the Offline High Touch marketing to add to their
partnership!) it takes the Relationship building of High Touch to make
it work…NOT the supposedly High touch of repetitive emails, which are
only another facet of High Tech. Not effective.  The effective technology is High Touch which is the personal interaction, the “people” side of a business relationship.

You see, it boils down to this…People will leave a “company” but they won’t leave a family! I’ve had people stay in my company organizations for 12, 15 or more years and be ACTIVE that entire time as a result of the High Touch “people” side of my business!

As a veteran of this industry of 30 years, I urge you to interact
with your people using the old technology that engages the high touch
side of our buisness and can impart the fact you do care for those people to those in
your organization and is known simply as the “telephone!”

And, surprisingly, you just might learn something from an “aural” exchange instead of a “digital” exchange!

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Recession? Where? Let’s see…Nope! Not me…Not in 30 years!

by admin on July 14, 2010

Recession? Who? Nope,  not me…not in 30 years!

Recently, I had a most unique experience….I realized I had never had a recession  in my 30 years of network marketing!

Really!….I overheard a conversation….Someone  was talking about the hard times “everyone” has experienced over the past 2 years, and I did a mental “slap my forehead” as I realized I had not participated in any of the recessions over the past 30 years.

I was astounded that I had not realized this fact and was kinda stunned.. so much so I didn’t participate in the conversation for a few minutes as I mentally reviewed what I knew about recessions or downturns during the past 3 decades.

When I returned to the present, I asked if anyone in the conversation knew how many recessions had there been and what years they had taken place? A whole list of years ensued!!!….  1980, 1987, 1992, 1996, 2002, and of course the last one we are presently experiencing.

As I was told these numbers I mentally visited those years in relation to my business growth and it was abundantly clear to me what I had been told several times over the years was true!

In those years my business had skyrocketed! Literally took off…stratospheric growth!

I had confirmation…..People definitely seek alternative means to increase their incomes during recessions! Certainly confirmed that old human characteristic of procrastination, too.  We wait till we have no choice but to take action, at least too many of us do…Which only creates huge opportunities for those of us that don’t wait,  but instead take action BEFORE the flood and therefore realize the benefit of mass numbers of people entering the home based business arena when it is the last resort!

Warren Buffet says to take action and position yourself before{in front of} the massive wave takes place in order to make the most return on your investment.  Buffet also says word of mouth advertising is proven to be the best way to get a product into the market place.

Robert Kiyosaki says it even more direct and to the point in his newest book, The Business of the 21st Century, wherein he says, “Job security is an obsolete idea. Starting you own business gives back some control oveer your life….NOW is the time to open your mind and look at this business of the future, network marketing.”

Kiyosaki and Buffet both go on to say there will be millions of people entering the home based business areana over the next ten years.

Which may also be why Paul Zane Pilsner says, “The home based business industry will produce more millionaires over the next ten years than ever before!”

Which means, get involved in a home based business now, and when those massive numbers of people enter the market you will benefit according to the attractiveness of your offer.

How to make sure which is the most attractive business to get into is the subject of another discussion.

Ron Forrester

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Helping others succeed for 30 years, Let me help YOU!

Let’s all win in 2010!

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The Fight Inside Me! Who is going to win…..


An old Cherokee was teaching his grandson about life.


‘A fight is going on inside me’, he said to the boy. ‘It is a terrible fight, and it is between two wolves.


One is evil – he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.


The other is good, joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith.
‘The same fight is going on inside you, and inside every other person, too.’
The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, ‘ Which wolf will win?’.


The old Cherokee simply replied, ‘The one you feed.’


Isn’t that the truth! All too often, it seems, in this current world too many people default to the “evil” side for whatever reason.

However, if you observe closely…even though it appears there are more “egotists” than not…it is the Slight Edgers that make a difference. As a Slight Edger you have the ability to influence even more people by being an example of the Good Wolf than any number of Evil Wolves.

So what is a Slight Edger? Good question, here it is in a nutshell…..

A good friend of mine, and personal mentor for nearly 20 years teaches The Slight Edge philosophy.  Essentially, you don’t have to be 10% better than another in order to excel in your chosen field/career or in your own personal development….You just have to be slightly better at making decisions that many not have an immediate huge effect BUT over time those decisions will be the difference in massive success or just a mediocre life.


You are an example others look to by just being who you are as you live the Slight Edge life. A consistent life of being that Slight Edger will produce more influence on more people over a long period of time than any Evil Wolf will influence in a short period of time.


Showing up consistently, showing up with a plan consistently, showing up with a plan that you are dedicated to working on a consitent daily basis will produce more effect than any short spurt of activity.


Be the Slight Edger! Feed the Good Wolf every minute, every hour of every day and you will soar among the greatest heights!


A great lesson for everyone. When you apply the Slight Edge it there is no doubt you will benefit!


Ron Forrester




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