goal planning

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Was 2012 a great year for you financially? Or did you experience lots of setbacks and discouragement? One thing is for certain: we cannot know how far we have come until we’ve looked at our past triumphs. Reflection is essential to learning how to successfully build your own network marketing business.

By no means should we dwell on the past. This means no regretting investments or actions that turned out to be ill-advised – this is water under the bridge and there’s no getting it back. Instead, learn from your mistakes.

Even if trying to build your own network marketing business in 2012 was harsh, definitely do the following: take half an hour to review the last 12 months.  Open up those sales reports, your calendar – review what you’ve done. Compile all of your accomplishments, big and small, into a list. From this list, highlight the top 10. These can be anything – the biggest sale, the most prominent connection made, a turning point in your career – anything that makes you proud of yourself and your hard work. Keep your top 10 list in a prominent location. Celebrating your successes will help give you the energy and motivation you need to tackle 2013.

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