How to Stop ProcrastinationWhen you run your own network marketing business from home, you are the sole person responsible for your success.  There are many benefits to not relying on bosses or coworkers for your career, but it does come with a lot of personal responsibility and the need to develop good working habits.

One bad habit that frequently plagues many people is procrastination.  This is a particularly easy habit to fall into when you’re the one setting your own deadlines and keeping up with your own progress.  However, if you keep putting off your work, you’re also the one who’s going to get hurt by it.

The first step to circumventing a procrastination habit is understanding the cause behind it.  Are you bad at estimating the time it will take to complete a task?  Do you feel like you need to find the motivation or be in the right mood?  Are you a perfectionist or afraid of failure or rejection?  Do you have organization issues?  Identifying the reason you procrastinate will help you tackle the problem at its source.  You can also try some of these 101 tips from Fluent Time Management to help get a handle on your procrastination habit.

How do you keep yourself from procrastinating?  Share your tips in the comments, and be sure to check out our mailing list for more information on this remarkable work-from-home business opportunity!


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