Recession? Where? Let’s see…Nope! Not me…Not in 30 years!

by admin on July 14, 2010

Recession? Who? Nope,  not me…not in 30 years!

Recently, I had a most unique experience….I realized I had never had a recession  in my 30 years of network marketing!

Really!….I overheard a conversation….Someone  was talking about the hard times “everyone” has experienced over the past 2 years, and I did a mental “slap my forehead” as I realized I had not participated in any of the recessions over the past 30 years.

I was astounded that I had not realized this fact and was kinda stunned.. so much so I didn’t participate in the conversation for a few minutes as I mentally reviewed what I knew about recessions or downturns during the past 3 decades.

When I returned to the present, I asked if anyone in the conversation knew how many recessions had there been and what years they had taken place? A whole list of years ensued!!!….  1980, 1987, 1992, 1996, 2002, and of course the last one we are presently experiencing.

As I was told these numbers I mentally visited those years in relation to my business growth and it was abundantly clear to me what I had been told several times over the years was true!

In those years my business had skyrocketed! Literally took off…stratospheric growth!

I had confirmation…..People definitely seek alternative means to increase their incomes during recessions! Certainly confirmed that old human characteristic of procrastination, too.  We wait till we have no choice but to take action, at least too many of us do…Which only creates huge opportunities for those of us that don’t wait,  but instead take action BEFORE the flood and therefore realize the benefit of mass numbers of people entering the home based business arena when it is the last resort!

Warren Buffet says to take action and position yourself before{in front of} the massive wave takes place in order to make the most return on your investment.  Buffet also says word of mouth advertising is proven to be the best way to get a product into the market place.

Robert Kiyosaki says it even more direct and to the point in his newest book, The Business of the 21st Century, wherein he says, “Job security is an obsolete idea. Starting you own business gives back some control oveer your life….NOW is the time to open your mind and look at this business of the future, network marketing.”

Kiyosaki and Buffet both go on to say there will be millions of people entering the home based business areana over the next ten years.

Which may also be why Paul Zane Pilsner says, “The home based business industry will produce more millionaires over the next ten years than ever before!”

Which means, get involved in a home based business now, and when those massive numbers of people enter the market you will benefit according to the attractiveness of your offer.

How to make sure which is the most attractive business to get into is the subject of another discussion.

Ron Forrester

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