Starting Your Business with a Burst of EnergyWhen you’re just beginning your network marketing business, it can be tempting to simply start slow, like dipping your feet into the cold water of a pool.  However, in this particular style of business it can be better to dive in at the beginning and get started with a big burst of energy.

Investing energy into your network marketing business is like investing money in an interest-bearing savings account: the more energy you invest early on, the more “interest” you can earn on it over time.  As Marketing Network Pro Richard A. Bourque discusses on his blog, making a big push at the optimal times of the year (autumn and spring) can earn you a larger number of recruits.  The recruits you earn from pushing your business during these optimal times can be trained and coached to earn their own recruits, all of which benefits your business.  This helps your business grow exponentially faster than simply creating a steady flow of just one or two recruits a month.

Of course, once you’ve built your team, you still need to maintain a consistent output of work in order to keep your network marketing business running smoothly.  Don’t expect to be able to push your business hard for a few months out of the year and let it earn without any upkeep for the rest of the time, just understand that well-timed bursts of energy aimed at recruitment will help you grow your business quickly.


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