Managing Your TimeWhen you’re running a home-based network marketing business, one challenge you’re going to face is effectively managing your time.  You might have hated having your boss breathe down your neck at your old job, but now that you are your own boss you will have to breathe down your own neck in order to make certain that you get your work done on time.  After all, network marketing is supposed to free up your time, not use more of it!  Time management can seem like a difficult thing to learn, but a lot of it is the simple development of good habits.

Organizing Your Workspace

It’s hard to effectively use your time if you can’t find important contact information or even a pen!  Getting your work area in order is an incredibly important step to good time management.

Organizing Your Time

Whether you work best with a desk calendar, a planner, or your smartphone, you will want to make sure your time is well-planned.  Make yourself a clear schedule and get in the habit of holding yourself accountable to it.

Break Down Larger Tasks

When you have a big task ahead of you, it can seem overwhelming and make you more prone to procrastination.  It’s better to break it down into smaller component parts and deal with those one at a time.  Every time you finish a part, it feels like a victory and you’re more motivated to continue!

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