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It’s hard to market an unknown product, especially when it’s expensive or high risk. One way to build your network marketing business is to use the two-step marketing technique. Two-step marketing allows you to quickly identify consumers who are interested in your product so you can focus your energy on these potential buyers and give them valuable information to spread.

Start by advertising free samples and disseminating previews of your product.
You can distribute this information online for free yet still reach thousands of people. Encourage readers to subscribe to your mailing list for exclusive articles.

Then, once they’ve experienced the item or service, you have a higher probability of closing the sale. By offering a free trial week of your service or a testing sample of your product, the consumers become quicker fans of your business than if your sales team had made random calls. It’s an efficient way to turn a potential buyer into a user and ultimately into a satisfied buyer who shares the product with their community. The process also builds credibility within your target audience.

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