Become UnforgettableIn network marketing, your interactions with people are key to your business success.  Network marketing is a business that relies on good relationship building, and this requires making strong and unforgettable connections with people.  We’ve covered making a good first impression, but once you’ve presented yourself to another person for the first time you need to build a stronger connection.

Creating unforgettable connections with people isn’t necessarily easy, but if you approach it with a positive mindset it can be a lot of fun.  An unforgettable connection is a genuine one, so don’t try to connect with people based on a personal agenda.  Listen to their needs and find a way that you can make their life better.  Really pay attention to them when they tell you things, and share your own passions with them.  Remember their names, tell stories, and treat them like they’re already your friend even if you’ve only recently met them.

Lifehack has created an incredibly useful list of things you can do to make yourself unforgettable when meeting new people, and it’s worth a careful read.  If you’re interested in starting your own network marketing business, be sure to sign up for our mailing list for more information!


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