They don’t care what you know until they know you care!

The 5 Most Important Concepts to Focus on in Building YOUR MLM Business!

I could write forever on these 5 most important concepts to focus on in building your mlm business, however this video says it better, with wisdom of the ages written right into the video. When you incorporate the concepts developed in this video into your daily method of operation, and you are sincere about it, then your business will grow.

The simple truth is your business will move from your head (what you want) to your heart, (what others want) and you become a servant leader.

People will follow you anywhere when they know you care about their destination. My business literally shot over the moon when I really began to understand this….it took me nearly 2 years to learn, initially,  yeah, I know….sloooooooooowwwwwwwwww! lol…

Take a lesson from me and don’t be so slow! As a result of just getting this concept right in my head/heart my business and those of my associates just skyrocketed!  I have spent more time with my family, done more things with my family, experienced more of what life has to offer, helped 1000’s of others do the same and I have friends all over the world, and that is the most important thing …you will learn, for sure.

That is one of the core principals to success in mlm, if not the ultimate core principal.  It is not the “posing” you find on the internet, but the true ingrained and heartfelt caring someone can see in your physical presence.  Sure meet people online, then show them who you are by being there for them….every time.. You will grow! Watch the video!

The Simple Truths of Appreciation Movie

Hope you got the message!,…. Play it 5 times to get the 5 most important concepts to focus on in building your mlm business!

People, get off of what you want, and onto what others want!

Lol…till next time!

Ron Forrester